Survive Bumpy Flights with This Breathing Exercise

Just breathe...

Just breathe...

Whether you're a nervous flyer or not, a seriously bumpy flight can have anyone's heart racing 100 miles a minute. Calm yourself in the moment with this simple anxiety-lessening breathing exercise.

Here's all you have to do:

  1. Pray real hard....just kidding....start by closing your eyes and sitting up straight in your seat.
  2. Breathe slowly in through your nose to the count of five.
  3. Breathe slowly out through your nose to the count of five.
  4. Repeat the breath in: five counts.
  5. Now breathe out slower to the count of six.
  6. Repeat the breath in: five counts.
  7. Now breathe out slower to the count of seven.
  8. Repeat the whole thing!

And if it doesn't work, well, there's always whiskey and sedatives, wait, what?... 


Don't just save this breathing exercise for bumpy flights, though. Use it whenever you need to calm the bleep down. It also helps with insomnia.

Do you have another favorite breathing exercise? Do tell! The more of these we have in our pockets, the better, for when the going gets rough. Ready for an adventure? Check out more travel stories.

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