Spritz this Post-Workout to Calm Red Skin

Cool it down with  Avène Thermal Spring Water .

Cool it down with Avène Thermal Spring Water.

Does your face look like you've been hiking the Andes after your workout?

Easily irritated or sensitive skin that is prone to flushing could take hours to get back to its normal tone after a tough exercise class or run. This beautiful Thermal Spring Water product by Avène helps to calm red skin so you're not walking around with a flushed face for long. 

How to Apply It

After your post-workout shower, spritz Avène Thermal Spring Water onto your skin. Hold the spray upright and don't shake it. It will come out as a fine, cooling mist. Feel free to let it air dry or pat it with a tissue after a couple of minutes. Use it as often as it is needed throughout the day. 

What's In Thermal Spring Water

The product's only two ingredients are thermal spring water and nitrogen. Thermal spring water has a neutral pH of 7.5, is rich in silicates that work to soften the skin and is packed with trace elements that helps restore the skin's barrier. It also is rich in LPC, amino acids and sugars from ancient microorganisms (Aqua Dolomiae microflora) that are key in calming itching and irritation.

More Ways to Use Avène Thermal Spring Water

This soothing mist is great for travels (I pop the carryon-friendly 1.76 oz. size in my purse) to hydrate dry airplane skin or cool down from outdoor activities. It also can be used daily to refresh your makeup at work or give you a little pick-me-up boost (a much milder version of splashing your face with water!). 

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