5 Ways to Stay Fit Without Going to the Gym

Get that workout in when you can, where you can, lady!

Get that workout in when you can, where you can, lady!

Baby, it's cold outside, and you may be feeling like relaxing your workout a routine a little...OK, a lot! The cozy couch in front of the Christmas tree or the after-work cocktails at the Christmas-themed bar might be more your speed than heading to the gym in the dark after work. But a few convenient fitness tricks (including one on/next to that couch!) could help ensure that you don't pay for your slacker-ness in the new year...

Cat Kom, founder of Studio Sweat and Studio SWEAT onDemand, walks you through five simple ways you can get your workout in during the day without going to the gym. I repeat: no gym. Yay!

1. Download a fitness app

Your time is limited, so quit beating yourself up for not making it to your scheduled fitness class. Instead, take your workout to go! Select a fitness app that provides you with workouts anytime, anywhere, and fit them in when it's convenient, whether that's before the kids get up in the morning or when you have a few minutes between social engagements, you party princess. One option: Studio SWEAT onDemand. "You’ll feel like you’re working out in the actual studio alongside real people, not fitness models, and be motivated by amazing certified trainers," Kom says of her app.

2. Go the extra mile

Fitness guru Cat Kom, founder of  Studio Sweat  and  Studio SWEAT onDemand ,

Fitness guru Cat Kom, founder of Studio Sweat and Studio SWEAT onDemand,

Figuratively—or literally, if you really want. "Find ways throughout the day to make the choice to be active. Park at the back of the lot; take the stairs; go for a walk during your lunch break. If you opt for the stairs over the elevator and do this a couple of times throughout the day, you could realistically burn nearly 100 calories," Kom says. That's like one sugar cookie accounted for!

3. Take fitness breaks at work

Working through the holidays? And probs wearing some athleisure to stay comfy while you're doing things like cleaning out your inbox and reorganizing your Dropbox folders? So, every hour, take a break and bust out a quick exercise. A few ideas from Kom: pushups, planks, squats, jumping jacks and wall sits. "A quick, less-than-five-minute workout can break up a day, increase your heart rate a little and maybe even wake you up from your afternoon slump," she says. Challenge, accepted!

4. Workout or stretch while you watch TV

"Make your guilty pleasure sitcom an opportunity to get a little exercise or stretch in. If you’re watching with commercials, complete an exercise until the show comes back on," Kom recommends. She suggests trying moves like mountain climbers, jump squats or jump rope. "If you’re streaming a show, make a game of it and do a specific exercise when something happens or is said. There are plenty of workout game examples online, or have fun making your own," she adds. Seriously, whatever works...the key here is to just do something.

5. Get outside

"Instead of going out to eat or drink with a friend, spend time with them doing something active," Kom says. Hikes or bike rides on the weekends are inexpensive alternatives to dinner and drinks. Getting outside is also a great way to cross-train if you are still hitting the gym (go you, you overachiever) and break up the stir-crazy feeling from constantly being indoors.

These five things will not only keep you fit, but also simply help you feel good. Happy holidays!

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